Brake Fluid Flush

Your brake fluid should be flushed out periodically. When it cannot absorb any more moisture, it no longer gets the job done. We can have your fluid flushed quickly.


Do you hear strange sounds coming from your brakes? If so, we can inspect them and figure out the problem so you remain safe and your brakes work properly.

Strut Replacement

Should you find that your struts are dented or fluid is leaking out of them, you need to have your struts replaced.


Anti-Lock Diagnostics

Anti-lock brakes can only be diagnosed using special equipment. Make sure you bring your vehicle to the right shop by sending it to our  certified mechanics.

Emergency Repair

Have your brakes failed you? Is it time for an emergency repair? Stay safe at all times with our brake service.

Drums and Shoes

Your brake drums and shoes are a vital component of your brake system. Trust over 30 years of experience to keep your auto maintained.


Get complete brake replacements

Bring your vehicle in for quality workmanship unmatched.


Affordable Options